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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thing 10 - Online Image creators

Oh, my this has been really fun! I can't wait to tell my friend Marty about the Scrapbook and Photocard templates on Custom Sign Generator as well as the other fun tools there. This is a site that I will use often on a personal basis, and we could find some really fun ways to promote our library resources and ourselves with these tools. It's similar to Big Huge Labs which I fell in love with in Thing 6. I really like Image Chef as well. This is great for eye-grabbing poster messages, and I loved the bumper sticker maker. My favorite fun image creation (at least today) was this picture created in Dumpr and I found a really fun cartoon of a librarian in Comic Strip Generator. Check it out here and make one of your own. I did!
I look forward to playing more with beautiful word clouds in Wordle - it is really cool!

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