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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thing 13 - Tagging and Social Bookmarking

This Thing has helped me understand Delicious. I've seen tag clouds on some of the blogs I've visited. As noted in the comments below Thing 13, the link to Furl sends you to Diigo, but the Furl tutorial is still available. I also watched the tutorial on Diigo. I really liked Diigo and I think it would be very useful to be able to highlight relevant parts of information pages, especially to share. I can certainly understand the utility of saving information by bookmarking on the web rather than to a single computer. Professors could use Diigo and save putting materials on reserve or uploading to a utility like Blackboard, I would think. I like the idea of tagging with whatever term is meaningful to you - we know from our OPACs and some databases that controlled vocabulary is a pain. Magnolia is still not available. I wasn't all that impressed by Digg or Reddit; I'm sure it's just me. Social bookmarking and tagging would have value to me in 1)using tags to find similar relevant material (search and discovery); 2) being able to bookmark and store information on the web for access anywhere, anytime (store and organize); 3) being able to share specific webpages and sites by pointing people to my bookmarks (access and sharing). I understand that tagging contributes to popularity, but just to find out what is the most popular ideas or sites on the web right now has little appeal to me. If I had the time, any time, it might be fun to follow NewsVine, Mixx, or even Fark, and I liked Twine a lot. If I could...

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