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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thing 20 - YouTube and TeacherTube

You could spend hours watching videos on YouTube and Teacher Tube. Here is one from YouTube that I would like to share: This Librarian 2.0 Speculates on the Libary 2.0 Debate

I also really enjoyed this video, A Librarian's 2.0 Manifesto by Laura Cohen, 2006, but BE WARNED, it includes one topless photo (arty, not distasteful), which is why I didn't embed it. I wondered all the way through how any of the pictures related to the text, and I don't think they do at all - they seem to be from an exotic vacation. I really relate to the text so it's too bad that the one photo will keep it from being shared in a lot of places.

I have to include the ad for Texas History Portal because my library (Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene) has some collections included there.

From TeacherTube, one of my favorites that speaks to the 2.0 future is Did You Know 2.0

Having access to all of these videos will really enhance any presentations and I think people really pay attention to video, so it can be used to illustrate a point or promote discussion.

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