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I live on a ranch in West Texas, where my husband, son, and I raise a few cattle. Our only crop is feed for the cows and my husband insists he is a "rancher" rather than a "farmer," although the place we now call home used to be his grandfather's farm. I drive 75 miles to Abilene for my job as a University librarian. I love the job and the drive.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Thing 5 - Flickr

I love Flickr! What an amazing place to share pictures. You could spend hours and hours looking at things here. It must take some time to figure out the navigation, because it has been hard for me to re-find some of the pictures that I have found so interesting, even though I noted what tag labels they carried, and in some cases, the names of the photographers. But, practice makes perfect, as they say, so this is definitely a site that I will use again and again.

I have heard of the Creative Commons licensing, but it is very nice to know that we can use these pictures - now I am no longer limited to ClipArt!

This picture by Eneas touched me as an illustration of the fact that we are more same than different. The caption is "Close your eyes, open your heart" - isn't it wonderful!

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