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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thing 22 - Ning

I have a Facebook page but I hardly ever check it, because I haven't had the time to figure out all the bells and whistles so it totally itimidates me. In fact, I didn't join Facebook, I just recieved an email that I had a Facebook page - how does that happen? Anyway, I haven't joined into social networking, but this Ning looks far more civilized.

Ning for Teachers looked more like a blog or a website to me, but I was very impressed with Teacher Librarian Ning. Navigation is intuitive; Ning seems to be very transparent. I like the Group and Forum tabs; joining a group or joining in a discussion would be very easy. I must share Texas School Librarians Ning with my elementary school librarian friend. As of yet, it doesn't have an "elementary school librarian/media specialist" group, so maybe she can start one!

I found a Relevant Libraries/Librarians Ning that really interests me. Their tag line says, "This network was created as a place to explore, discuss, share, collaborate and learn from others about what it takes to remain relevant in the world of academic libraries and librarians." I can see that Nings would be very useful for teachers for student academic projects and for personally keeping up with campus activities or professional discussion. To heck with Facebook, I'm joining the Relevant Librarians!

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