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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thing 16 - Wikis

I'm so very glad to learn about wikis. My ALA government documents Round Table (GODORT) uses a wiki but I've never had the confidence to join in. I'm on a committee that has a wiki page and I really did need to figure out how to contribute. Now I know.
I have a current project that can benefit from a wiki. I have developed a subject database list and a wiki would allow each subject specialist librarian to edit their particular subject area. This will save a lot of emails - just like in the Common Craft video. And I believe we will find many more uses for a wiki to communicate among the libary staff.
The example wikis gave me another idea for using a wiki on our webpage for our subject periodical list. It would certainly be easier, and faster, for me to go in and edit the constantly changing periodical list on a wiki rather than having to make a list of changes to send to our webmaster so he can change the periodical subject list webpage in html. I am definitely going to see if I can work this out with him.

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