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Friday, August 7, 2009

Thing 7 - Google tools

Oh, my goodness, I never realized how many cool tools Google has to offer. It's not just your mother's search engine! I've created an alert for news regarding "government transparency." As a government documents librarian, I am keenly aware of and interested in free public access to government created information, and actions taken to hide, or at least, not disseminate information that we citizens should have a right to see (of course, I am not talking about information that would affect national security).
I am also thrilled to use Google calendar - this will eliminate the problem of having something written on my calendar at work but not at home. My family and colleagues will be so happy that I won't be forgetting my schedule anymore (or at least I won't have an excuse!) I certainly wish I had known about Google Docs earlier in the summer, when I was working on a database list and emailing my word document back and forth from home to work and vice versa! Now I will be able to work on a project anywhere, and get feed back from my colleagues during the process. This is awesome!
I really enjoyed customizing an iGoogle homepage. I was aware of Google Scholar, but this gave me a chance to really check it out.
I will be checking out the other cool things that Google has to offer!

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