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I live on a ranch in West Texas, where my husband, son, and I raise a few cattle. Our only crop is feed for the cows and my husband insists he is a "rancher" rather than a "farmer," although the place we now call home used to be his grandfather's farm. I drive 75 miles to Abilene for my job as a University librarian. I love the job and the drive.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Thing 6 - Mashups

It amazes me how people have come up with so many of these mashups and wonderful things to do. I loved the Big Huge Labs site. I especially liked the Mosaic Maker and the Trading Card apps. I will be returning to explore more of these fun things, and I have made note of so many possibilities for using pictures in instruction and promotional materials, as well as personal applications like calendars and mosaics. These toys are awesome! Here's a trading card for our ranch.

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