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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thing 12 - Commenting to create community

When I resumed work on my 23 Things today, I was surprised to find that I had a comment on one of yesterday's posts. It was a note that acknowledged my work and encouraged me to continue, encouragement that was very much appreciated since the deadline is looming ominously. Personal experience that commenting builds community and is essential feedback to a blogger. Points that especially struck me in the readings for Thing 12 include the fact that most writers want to be read, so recieving a comment serves as acknowledgement or validation, or at the very least, notice. Leaving a comment can give someone that same acknowledgement and notice, and further, is as much a sharing responsibility for the reader as writing was to the original poster. Also, I agree that it is important to acknowledge comments that you receive - a response lets the commentor know his note was received, read, and valued. Posting in a blog is about sharing what you know or feel, and the interaction of comments and responses furthers the sharing, communication, and dialogue, like a conversation. Now I view comments as contributions, so I will resolve to make mine more than "hey that's great." Comments encourage community because they can serve as an introduction and encourage a visit to the commentor's place.
I've left comments on five other Library2Play blogs. I'll get to the outside blogs later. Believe me, after this Thing, I will be posting comments to the blogs I follow.

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