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I live on a ranch in West Texas, where my husband, son, and I raise a few cattle. Our only crop is feed for the cows and my husband insists he is a "rancher" rather than a "farmer," although the place we now call home used to be his grandfather's farm. I drive 75 miles to Abilene for my job as a University librarian. I love the job and the drive.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thing 19 - Web 2.0 Awards List

First, I had to find out what SEO was: consultants for search engine optimization. OK. The Web 2.0 Awards List was very interesting, and I think this category list will itself be very useful and fun to explore. Of course, many of the tools we have explored in our 23 Things are listed.
I explored Docstoc and at first glance found sample cover letters, curriculum vitae, and application essays that will be very helpful for my neice who plans to apply to law school this fall. Being a government documents librarian, I had to check out the Current Events and the Politics and History sections. The site contains documents written by individuals, businesses, agencies, and other entities, and you can find all sorts of items, both previously published and never published. One of the current features is Sonia Sotomayor's Senate Questionaire. The Education section could be very helpful to teachers. Of course, you can store your own documents there, either publicly or privately.

Since I am interested in creating a wiki for our library, I checked out PBwiki.

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  1. My district has a PBwiki for all the librarians to work together on and it is a great time saving collaboration tool. You'll like it. I admire what you say about loving your 75 mile drive to work. I have a 55 mile drive and I can say that I am happy when I get there. The good thing about my drive is that my husband and I go together and he insists on driving, therefore I am occasionally, napping!