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I live on a ranch in West Texas, where my husband, son, and I raise a few cattle. Our only crop is feed for the cows and my husband insists he is a "rancher" rather than a "farmer," although the place we now call home used to be his grandfather's farm. I drive 75 miles to Abilene for my job as a University librarian. I love the job and the drive.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Thing 8 - RSS feeds

I really liked the video explaining RSS in Plain English. I have often wondered about RSS, but I was afraid that I would be inundated with posts. It seems that email is so time-consuming sometimes, that I thought if I added RSS feeds, I would never get anything done. I am delighted to find out how RSS simplifies things and saves time by eliminating visits to individual web blogs and sites. In fact, I now appreciate RSS since it will allow me to keep up with current trends from sites I would want to visit if I had the time. Recently, ALA adopted a collaborative workplace/social network site where Round Tables and Divisions can post their goings on, but again, I thought, who has time to check every website and wiki from groups they belong to? RSS will enable me to keep up with my committee responsibilities by pushing updates out to me, and help me keep up with changes that effect my work in government documents by pushing new information out to me. I've selected Google Reader, and added 5 feeds: the Federal Depository Library program: information which daily affects my job; Free gov info: a blog that will keep me current on the latest issues in government information land; the ALA gov docs Round Table network: to keep me current on issues important to government documents librarians and keep me updated on my committee work; a blog on library technology, LibrarianInBlack: very interesting!; and a fun blog: the Unshelved comic strip. I shall be a very current and updated librarian!


  1. I'm glad to see that you're not giving up with our 23 things class... You're doing great! You still have time to finish (I'm on #12) and it looks like you've enjoyed it so far. This project is awesome and I've learned a lot. Of course you'll be a "very current and updated librarian" in Abilene when we're done! :)

  2. Thanks so much for your comment! I need some encouragement as the deadline looms ever closer! You've spurred me on in a "we've got a way to go but we'll get there" kind of way. Good luck to you, too.